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The Hermetica Steel Doors are on average 338% more weatherproof than what its seven closer competitors are offering.

Choose a Stained-Glass Window for your front door.

The choice of a decorative window should reflect your personality, who you are and what you like. It’s a great way to make your home stand out. Laflamme has more than 40 new models plus many new models from select suppliers. Each is unique but all meets Laflamme’s superior quality standards. Stained-glass, hybrid and silkscreened glass - three styles for all tastes and budgets.

Choose from hundreds of models.

Multipoint locking Option

  • Multipoint locking system activates AUTOMATICALLY as soon as the door is closed. The door is locked by turning the key outside or knob inside, becoming a four-point locking system for maximum security
  • Unlike European systems, no need to lift handles to engage the upper and lower locking points
  • Easy-to-lock door with four anchoring points (two 1 1/8" wide + two 1 1/4" wide)
  • Door panel reinforced with 2 1/2" laminated-wood on the lock side
  • Available on Hermetica steel or fiberglass doors
  • Stainless-steel multipoint locking system
  • Modern design interior/exterior handle set
  • Available for standard height and 8' doors
  • Limited five-year warranty


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