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Our Company in partnership with APCHQ and Reno-Maitre  gives you access to total or partial financing of your renovation project with Réno-prêt. A tailored financing service offered exclusively by Réno-Maître certified contractors.

Réno-prêt is reassuring !

In order to achieve your residential works, Réno-prêt offers you a triple warranty: accessibility, quality and security. It gives you :

  1. The means to take action without waiting, due to the favourable report of payments and to the reimbursement planning.
  2. All protections provided by Renovation warranty of APCHQ. Before starting your works, be sure that you are Réno-prêt!
  3. Guarantee of a well done work, because it is ensured by Réno-Maître certified contractors.

A financing solution which fits you!

A minimum amount of $1 500 and a period from 5 to 10 years, Réno-prêt allows you to achieve your project right now and to make your payments at your own pace. Moreover, Réno-prêt is always a reimbursable loan, partially or totally, without fees or penalties.

Réno-prêt is interesting !

The interest rate is established according to the amount of your Réno-prêt. It is guaranteed for 90 days starting with the approval day of your request at the Laurentian Bank. Once your Réno-prêt granted, this rate will never change. This way, you choose and know from the beginning the amount of your monthly payments. Don’t forget: you are entirely free to reimburse your Réno-prêt at all times.

Réno-prêt is intelligent !

Réno-prêt allows you to undertake right away all of your works, without having to empty your bank account, to give up on the income of your investments or to suffer penalties related to the repurchase, before the fall due, of certain financial products.

Réno-prêt formula is so interesting that some owners of vacant accommodations did not hesitate rely on it in order to hurry the renovation works they were planning.
Today, the benefit from the rent of their accommodations allows them to easily reimburse their Réno-prêt.


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